Blood Orange ( Bronze Medal)

Cointreau and Seville

Dark Hulky (Silver Medal) 

Ginger and Seville

No Bits Seville ( Bronze)

Pink Grapefruit (Silver Medal)

Ruby Red Grapefruit Marmalade ( Silver Medal)

Somerset Cider Brandy and Seville ( Gold Medal )

Tangy Seville (Silver Medal)

Whisky and Seville (Silver Medal)

All my marmalades can be made to order. You can even choose your jar size.
500ml kilner, 200ml Kilner, 8oz , 10ml or 1.5oz

Jar sizes and prices:   1.5oz = £1.50, 110ml = £3.00,  8 oz= £4.50

Small Kilner 200ml = £6.00                Large kilner 500ml = £10